How your website design can affect your customer’s trust

We’d love to know how many people hear of a company and then IMMEDIATELY dismiss them after visiting their website? The data available doesn’t lie, and we’re looking at 94% of people attributing site abandonment to uneasiness in the website’s design.

We know that this doesn’t just come down to the website design that houses your content, but all of the copy and photos within the site. These are the elements that are easy to control, and sometimes it doesn’t take much to improve your site exponentially.

Here are some issues we come across frequently that are worth thinking about:

1. Poor quality imagery
Dodgy photos = dodgy products and services, right?

NO – but…

Perception is reality‘ and that’s the way a potential customer or client will view you. Invest in good quality photography – this is perhaps the best investment you could ever make in lifting the positioning of your organisation and building trust with your customers.

2. Too text heavy
There are ways within the design of a site to have a decent level of copy without it affecting the look and feel. Content can be great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and there are some great guides out there which tell you how much copy is optimum.

Pages that are broken up into different text areas can help break up the feel of feeling too text heavy, and technologies such ‘accordions’ can be used so your information expands as the customer wishes to delve deeper into a particular content area.

3. Spelling errors
There is nothing more unprofessional than spelling errors throughout your entire site. Make your copy clean, clear and as engaging as possible.

4. Developing the site for you, rather than a customer
Dismissing the way your customer will engage with your website is one of the biggest errors we see. When creating a site, there should be a balance between business goals and allowing the customer to flow through your site and find the information they want easily.

5. Slow loading time
If your site is taking too long to load, chances are your potential customer has already left and found a competitor with a site that loads faster. Load time is dependant on a few different factors, but an easy way to combat this is to ensure all photos are at optimum size and not too large, as this slows the site right down and doesn’t allow it to function as it should.

The good news is Euso’s sites are hosted on the servers optimised for delivering WordPress sites, FAST.


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