About Us


Born from ‘Eusociality’ (Greek for ‘good’ & ‘social’ and considered the highest level of organisation of sociality), EUSO Digital has taken the same approach to team work and structure as the most famous of all insects who exhibits these traits…the humble bee.

Websites need order and structure. They require a team of people who work in harmony with a single purpose – to provide you with a website to communicate your message.


Forget the Tech

Websites aren't about tech...they're about Communication

Yes, we use WordPress. If you’re needing eCommerce or a shop, then in most cases we use WooCommerce (we play with Shopify too…). But there’s nothing brain snapping about that!

You’ve probably already checked out heaps of other ‘Web Developers’. We’re also betting you’re pretty ‘tech’d’ out by now too.

Well that’s where EUSO Digital is different.

Do we have mad tech skills? Damn straight! But the big thing for us is that we understand Communication.

Think about your smartphone, you don’t care about all the tech stuff, you just want to make sure it gives you the ability to communicate…we do the same thing.

Websites shouldn’t get in your way. They should be easy to use (for both you and your customers) and they should clearly articulate your messages.

From basic to sophisticated, information based to eCommerce and EVERYTHING inbetween, EUSO Digital can build it all. What really matters is what you want to communicate.

So become part of the EUSO Community and find out how much better life is with an easy website.


Who's the Driver?

It’s no secret that EUSO Digital is a Special Business Unit of Jack in the box. With a rich history in development across the last 2 decades, the crossover team provides EUSO Digital with a strong foundation but its own independence. 

In a similar way that sister digital agency bureau42 enjoys both freedom and strong affiliation, EUSO Digital takes development and all the best parts of being part of an agency network and melds them with the ability to forge its own unique path.

EUSO Digital is a key part of the Jack in the box ecosystem of businesses.

Lead by a growing team of developers, strategists, creatives and communicators, there is much more to EUSO Digital than meets the eye.

But what’s really important is that we want to make your experience of having your own website easy…that’s why we created the company in the first place.

So jump on the chat or flick us an email so we can start having a conversation about how we can help you…it’s that easy!