EUSO Digital

Born from ‘Eusociality’ (Greek for ‘good’ & ‘social’, and considered the highest level of sociality organisation), EUSO Digital has taken the same approach to team work and collaboration as one of the most famous exhibitors of these traits – the humble bee.

Websites need order and structure. They require a team of people working together with a common purpose – to provide you with a website that performs well, is visually appealing and connects you with your clients.

Why we're different

Forget the Tech: Websites aren't about tech. They're about Communication

Our team uses WordPress – not only because we rate their design capabilities, but also because its an easy-to-use Content Management System. That means it’s easier for you to manage…

If you’re looking for an eCommerce site or an online shop, in most cases we use WooCommerce due to its great synergy with WordPress. That said, we can also play with Shopify too, if that’s what you’d prefer.

If you’ve been shopping around other Web Developers, there’s a fair chance you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and ‘tech’d’ out by now. 

Well, that’s where EUSO Digital is different.

We understand that websites are more than just visually appealing platforms. Your website is your primary communication tool: they’re about connecting you with your target audiences. Doesn’t mean that we don’t have mad tech skills though! 

Websites shouldn’t get in your way. They should be easy to use (both for you and your customers) and they should clearly articulate your business.

From basic to sophisticated; content-heavy to eCommerce; and EVERYTHING in between. EUSO Digital can build it all. What really matters is what you want to communicate.

Join our EUSO Community and find out how much better life is with an easy website.

Behind the scenes

Who's behind the wheel?

EUSO Digital is a Special Business Unit of Jack in the box: a full service, strategically-led boutique agency specialising in all aspects of marketing disciplines.

With its rich history of web development over the last two decades, thebox’s experience provides us with a strong foundation but ability to work independently. While EUSO Digital is solely focussed on producing incredible websites, our role within thebox’s ecosystem means our clients also have access to all the best parts of being part of a creative agency.  

Lead by a growing team of developers, strategists, creatives and communicators, there is much more to us than good looking web design. We want to make having your own website an easy experience…that’s why we created the company in the first place.

So jump on the chat or flick us an email so we can start having a conversation about how we can help you.